MYSC creates social innovation through business as a partner of all organizations that seek to combat social problems.

The "Merry Year" mentioned in the MYSC (Merry Year Social Company) mission refers to a world where social polarization is resolved and everyone lives like a human being. MYSC contributes to the jubilee that everyone will enjoy. We are in-house entrepreneurs who help entrepreneurs, and we work together to make a better world.
MYSC’s corporate culture is 'in-house entrepreneurship'. In-house entrepreneurs are those who strive to derive the best benefits and opportunities with autonomy, and they respect all MYSC members as in-house entrepreneurs and actively support the spirit to be fulfilled.


Tri-sector Collective Innovation

The essential solution of social problems requires cooperation between sectors, not individual approaches such as public-business-civil society. MYSC plans and operates cross-sector collaboration projects through consulting, accelerating, and investment, while understanding the language and value of each sector.

Shared Value Creation Innovation

In order to use social problems as a new opportunity and a foundation for change in the future society, it is necessary to create shared values for both profit and non-profit embedded in social problems. MYSC provides investment and advice to businesses and social ventures to ensure that financial and social values are created in a virtuous cycle and become sustainable businesses.

Innovation in Human-centered Approach

Sustainable resolution of social problems requires a human-centered approach that centers on parties and stakeholders, not technology or program-oriented solutions. MYSC takes a lean approach based on empathy and problem definition through Design Thinking to produce creative results.


Impact Investing (*as of April 2023)
· 122 impact investments (cumulative) · Total Assets Under Management (AUM) of KRW 50.4 billion · Approximately KRW 1,155.2 billion in total portfolio company value
· Over 500 companies cultivated in the past 5 years · Over 100 companies cultivated annually on average
Impact Movement
· ESG consulting for domestic companies such as SK, LG, and E-Land · Startup impact consulting · Over 1,000 social innovation content publications
· Leading global networks such as AVPN and B Corp · Implementing the 1% for the Planet environmental campaign · Proposing local and global expansion strategies for social ventures

Impact Investment

It has its own revenue structure to focus on long-term patience and venture investment, and utilizes domestic and foreign VC networks such as AVPN* as investment-linked channels. Based on this, we create funds for the region, women, and the underprivileged to invest according to the growth stage and characteristics of the startup.

We help startups make their investment journey easy and comfortable

We developed our own "Innovation Journey Process" by reflecting entrepreneurs' pain-points that are difficult and complicated to attract investment due to unfamiliar investment terms or corporate value and investment negotiations. By applying this to the entire process of discussion on attracting investment, we are together as a strong partner in attracting investment from the perspective of entrepreneurs.

After the investment, we support the value of the company

In addition to the impact investment, consulting and accelerating are operated together to provide MYSC's unique value and connectivity opportunities from an integrated perspective.For the invested team, the follow-up management area is divided into strategies such as business innovation, financing, and collaboration to promote value. Specifically, it helps companies continue to value and follow-up investments through practical support such as technology R&D alignment (TIPS), resource alignment with midsize and large enterprises, and global expansion support.

Startup Accelerating

Supports startup innovation

MYSC is a professional accelerator registered with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and produces results such as 'growth advancement → investment attraction → job creation' based on expertise in various areas such as business model design, solution verification, gross hacking, impact investment attraction support, ESG management and sustainability.

Personalize to market needs

We connect large-scale resources, foster industries that meet various business types, mature local specialized ecosystems, and operate individualized acceleration programs that meet the needs of startups and their markets.

Promote a variety of themes and industries

We work on accelerating programs in more than 10 industries and international development fields such as environment, tourism, sports, marine fisheries, and agri-food, and fosters more than 100 innovative startups at home and abroad annually.

Social Innovation Consulting

We're partners for all our customers

MYSC proposes solutions that are beneficial to society and the environment through partnerships with customers in various forms, from public institutions, private companies, startups, non-profit organizations, and academia. In addition to developing ESG strategies, we provide consulting for sustainable businesses and businesses tailored to changing market environments such as presenting sustainable management solutions, collective impact design, branding and service design, research and research.

Expand the base of social innovation through connectivity

Through various partnerships and networks, we accumulate social innovation insights in the market, support connections with innovative organizations such as startups, and strive for a collective impact that everyone can create together.

Create optimal results that fit the context

We strive to ask the right questions and not seek out the quick solutions, for the social concerns of our customers and partners and for impact design in the enterprise. To achieve this, we combine various problem-defining methodologies with stakeholder analysis, and create the best results that can be implemented by identifying accurate problems and needs.


MYSC is a community of intrapreneurs

An 'intrapreneur' at MYSC has a transparent sense of responsibility and autonomous proactivity. They embrace the entrepreneurial spirit while solving specific problems. We address various issues like social polarization, economic inequality, and environmental crises. We support external entrepreneurs' movements and innovations, striving for continuous innovation and challenges ourselves.

The 'intrapreneur' spirit is a unique identity of MYSC

It enables members to exercise the best judgment, action, responsible practice, and authority. We foster countless micro-interactions and important but challenging conversations. Feedback and reflection are encouraged for self-assessment and collaboration.